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Originally Posted by mikiiy View Post
While additional pets are a real problem of engineer, the one thats related to kit switching currently is in the list as #9 btw:

What this means is, an engineer would just cast equipment diagnostic while switching through enough KITS to get a guarateed dmg enhancing proc.. or even multiple of those procs (they stack).

Kit switching resets the cooldown on equipment diagnostic, while equipment diagnostic itself won't stack the doff proc from the diagnostic engineers do stack and increase dmg, weapon dmg and orbital strike dmg.
Yep mentioned that a few posts ago and yes easiest fix would be putting the equip diag power to place the player on red alert. Bt the time red alert is over the player will have lost over half is firepower buff time. In any case the process would be so much slower and he would be hurting his team by doing little fighting.