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04-01-2013, 01:37 PM
Hi guys.

Since you are one of the most known Romulan-themed fleets in STO, I was wondering on how you plan to implement the fleet-thing when the "Legacy of Romulus" hits holodeck.

Are you considering starting a new(second) IRF, that would be only availibe for actual Romulan Republic chars.? Or will you use your current fleet as I suspect that many of you play a Romulan-flavoured alien chars.?

I'm asking because I intend to roll a Romulan char. when the new expansion comes, so far I have 4 max level KDF chars and only 1 Fed, so I was considering allying my Romulan with the Feds. since I have spent so little time on that side and I saw that you mentioned your plan to be Fed-alligned.
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