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04-01-2013, 02:01 PM
Originally Posted by endo13 View Post
Also this may help get more players on KDF side which is a good thing IMO.
More likely people choosing to go with the Feds then with the KDF.

Some people are going to get their jollies with a Rom Captain flying a Connie or an Ambassador

If they weren't going to make them a full faction, then at least having 1 full faction and 1 kinda faction, would have helped the KDF more by the Roms having to join them.

Still another bonehead maneuver by Cryptic. Feds, want to be Feds, Klinks want to be Klinks and I am sure that the Rommies would prefer to be Rommies. 3 Full Factions...

Still not sure where Cryptic thinks it going to make it's money from the Roms. If they cannot make money from the Klinks, then what major cash is the Rommies going to bring in?

If 80%+ Still play Feds, why not put all it's resources into creating new systems, new massive content and actual things for people to do, instead of just grind, grind and grind, with now a new "sub" faction added which really is just more grind in green.

Now Rommies can play some of their own missions. Scan 5 of this and kill 5 of that.
From the man himself - "And as far as Season 7 being "grindy" - welcome to the MMORPG genre"

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