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04-01-2013, 02:23 PM
you could also place an 10ft invisible object to interact with, and place it as you would a second console.

As to the original post, Yes, the Foundry is a somewhat complicated tool that has a difficult and steep learning curve. But "impossible" ? nah.

There are a lot of resources available to assist in learning the tool.

(1) The tutorials, while many have grown outdated, there are a LOT of available tutorials that can really help you get a great and basic grasp of the way things work.

(2) The Forums, and asking specific questions regarding your difficulties. Often I have found gets a bunch of good responses.

(3) Direct Interaction with people who know how the tool works. Can be via Skype as you describe in your OP. which I don't understand why you seem to feel this is a "bad" or negative thing. It's simply one other avenue of learning from my perspective. Personally I learn far better with the assistance of a knowledgable mentor.
There are multiple places that have Chat rooms. I personally love the community over at StarbaseUGC.Com and the chat room available there. Fun, silly people pretty much always willing to answer any questions and help however they can.

(4) Write to various Foundry focused podcasts and ask them to discuss aspects of mission building you want more info on.

Basically, I agree that the tool is difficult and not the best. It is riddled with bugs that make testing before publishing near impossible. But for all it's flaws , it is not impossible to create missions.

Believe me, if a technologically impaired old hippie like me can figure the thing out, anyone can.
Heck, I had trouble finding the "any key" one time.

Here's hoping that you find the support and assistance you need to create awesome Foundry missions.

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