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04-01-2013, 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
IF you would make that argument it would apply to any weapon. Of Course we all know acc isn't always the best mod... or at least the best in every situation.

Unless I am mistaken they have also corrected the other mods in operation with faw, as well as removing power drain from phantom targets.

Frankly I think we are about to enter the new era (I'll say new cause I'm not sure if this is the third or forth coming now) of the undead zombie faw cruiser... joy.
do you remember when FAW was at its worse? 100% accurate, fireing at like 5 different targets per shot, instead of only 5 total shots per array. if it did that now, pressure damage might actually be balanced, with all the spike and defensive power creep we have had since then. this is hardly going to make FAW rule the ques i don't think. a 5 tac cruiser with FAW premade in action would be interesting to see though
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