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04-01-2013, 03:37 PM
Short Term

1) You can chose how many people you can take on an away mission so it fits the mission story, for example, only taking one officer for a mission briefing, it would give foundy mission creators more leeway in their stories.

2) The amount of duty officers you are allowed on your roster should correspond to the crew complement rating on you ship stats. You can never have enough DOFFs!

3) On harder difficulties, there should be a chance for your bridge officers to get killed if they are incapacitated too many times, it would make the story more realistic.

Mid Term

1) You should have the option to either beam down, or actually fly a shuttle/runabout down to a planet in a mission, It would allow foundry mission creators to create mission problems sometimes found in the show.

2) You should be able to take Duty Officers from you Roster on away missions in place of Senior Officers to fit the Storyline of any particular mission, you can equip them with gear from your inventory.

3) More decks to the interior of your ship, the amount of space should correspond to the class of ship you are currently using.

Long Term

1) Your ships that are not being used should become part of your own "mini fleet" You can assign bridge officers and a crew to manage and send on missions., you can also call them during combat to come and assist you, much like the current space ability.

2) you should be able to set a home world and build your own house there, maybe make more ground maps on existing planets you can visit like Risa or Andoria.

3) More Mission variety on secondary mission such as the exploration of space missions, the missions currently available can be extremely repetitive.

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