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do you remember when FAW was at its worse? 100% accurate, fireing at like 5 different targets per shot, instead of only 5 total shots per array. if it did that now, pressure damage might actually be balanced, with all the spike and defensive power creep we have had since then. this is hardly going to make FAW rule the ques i don't think. a 5 tac cruiser with FAW premade in action would be interesting to see though
Well it will be interesting in that it will likely be op again.

I have always hated faw its just such a no talent skill. Any skill that dumbs things down to a point where you don't even have to target anyone anymore... I think is game breaking.

We'll see though... the game does need more pressure dmg and as mind numbing as faw play is... perhaps this is the fix.

Myself I would just love to see faw die completely... and be replaced by a beam rapid fire type skill. I know we want beams to clear spam... but perhaps we really should be relying on sci and even tacs with scatter for that.
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