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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Hi guys.

Since you are one of the most known Romulan-themed fleets in STO, I was wondering on how you plan to implement the fleet-thing when the "Legacy of Romulus" hits holodeck.

Are you considering starting a new(second) IRF, that would be only availibe for actual Romulan Republic chars.? Or will you use your current fleet as I suspect that many of you play a Romulan-flavoured alien chars.?

I'm asking because I intend to roll a Romulan char. when the new expansion comes, so far I have 4 max level KDF chars and only 1 Fed, so I was considering allying my Romulan with the Feds. since I have spent so little time on that side and I saw that you mentioned your plan to be Fed-alligned.

Thanks for stopping by

Currently we have a FED & KDF fleet setup. Most of us will align with the FED side as its more built up and we have more resources spent on that side, however some will align via KDF and that will help build the KDF side up a little more. Eventually I think most of the members in our group will have atleast one on each side (KDF & FED) as there are benefits to be gained from both.

You are more than welcome to join our fleet with your Romulan toon, we do ask that everyone registers an account on our website and add thier toon but who knows you might like what you see

Hopefully by the time May rolls around our Embassy should be done and our Starbase will be pretty high up there on the FED side, we just completed T3 and now moving on to T4.