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04-01-2013, 04:31 PM
Basic Healing
-Scope, how to use heals, and what u should focus on. basic class to introduce healing.
"An introduction to those who want to heal, however find the change to healing difficult"
-Students must bring a Ship with no Primary Tactical Slots. (Ltc or Cdr)

Advanced Healing
-Building on basic Healing. How to do DPS when your healing, how to survive when your healing. And preemptive healing.
-Students must bring a ship with a Cdr Eng or Sci.

P2W Consoles
-A mathematical explanation on the advantages and disadvantages of p2w consoles.
-No requirements.

Spike vrs Sustained
-The diference between doing damage, and hitting hard. When you need what, and why its good to balance.
-Requirements, A ship with a primary Tactical (Cdr/Ltc) BOFF

Id prefer doing text versions of this.

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