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armatage/ fleet akira

it took a wile, but i finnaly got one. i am not a fan of pets and spam, so ive always been a bit put off by it. the ship itself though, being another more off beat escort, is extreamly awesome when you play to its strengths. of all the escorts, this is proboly on average the least well flown by the player base, don't let that fool you though, this is an extreamly solid ship. like other escorts with 3 ENS tac, this is not a 4 cannon ship, but THY1 is an extreamly good skill, it has the highest per hit torp damage, especially for crit


3 DHC, 1 quantum/photon, 3 turrets



EPtE1, AtD1, EPtS3



omega deflector

omega engine

maco/fleet elite resistant


2 turn, photon point defense

2, or 3 with fleet flowcap -th, shield heal proc

4 energy type damage


2/3 EPtX cooldown damage control doffs, 2/3 shield distribution doffs, OR 3 +10 defense in recall mode flight deck doffs

this ship with the LTC eng has a ton of flexibility and potential. listed is my preferred standard layout. the akira like other escorts can dart around with the best of them with high engine power. EPtS3 with the right fleet elite shield will give you resistance levels in the mid 60% range. actual shield hitpoints start being pretty irreverent then, especially when backed up by shield repair drones. wile you dont have APO3 up, you can use AtD to help turn on a dime and continue to dog fight very well. the torp console is incredibly helpful during an alpha strike, it will fire 6 photons that the tool tip says deals about 2k damage each, to up to 8 targets. but all that really maters is the 6 heading to your target, along with 2 or 3 of you HY torps, you can deliver a brutal stream of kinetic damage to hull when well timed with an alpha strike. this has been the key to getting me a ton of kills.

theres several other ways to use that LTC eng too, hers a few variations

EPtE1, AtS1, EPtS3
EPtE1, RSP1, EPtS3

these focus a bit more on defense. try picking up the AtS doff, it can add a heal over time with AtS, very nice. people love the orange diaper, personally i don't on escorts, your not flying them right if you arent trying to avoid heavy damage rather then tanking. your other shield countermeasures should keep you covered with good pioleting

EPtE1, ES1, EPtS3
EPtE1, EPtS2, ET3

perfect for pugmades! support your team with almost no sacrifice to your own survivability. this is part of why this ship can be so great, escort movement and firepower with more defensive and support options

EPtE1, EPtS2, DEM2
EPtE1, EPtS2, EWP1

heres a bit more heavy offense or control. DEM with CRF is a beautiful thing, every shot will deal a bit more hull damage, this is devastating to sci ships and bops. every little bit helps when your trying to drop facings and deliver torps, killing that hull is the goal. you could drop the torps and use BO instead with the DEM doff. preload BO, and fire off 2 back to back in that 8 second window.

theres EWP too, an awesome zone control, DOT, and hold ability. you could use particle gens and plasma weapons with the plasma tac consoles to further buff EWP's damage too

for hanger pets, i just don't like them, but i do use them. i use the shield repair drones, at least they arent effecting my opponents at all. but, they are making me significantly tankier wile alive. if i was truly honorable, id use type 8 shuttles lol. there are of course the runabouts to spam holds and chrono pocs, deltas could potentially aid in your glider shield striping, and the fighters could add to the torpedo spam. keeping these pets on recall with the right flight deck doff will boast your defense score by up to 30. pure hax really, its all part of the power of this mostly overlooked by the pros ship.
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