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04-01-2013, 03:54 PM
Originally Posted by linyive View Post
Within a few moments, I am going to listen to the podcast.

I hope this is not an April Fools joke.

As I have said in many threads, the only problem Cryptic has is in communicating. Once the interviews and advertising conflicts, the players will start to react in a very negative manner.

After the new website went up, the impression everyone got was that a full-blown Romulan faction was on the way. Within a matter of a few days, all the interviews, blogs, and statements started to conflict.

Reference One: Ask Cryptic: Legacy of Romulus

Reference Two: Legacy of Romulous Info. Page

According to those above statement, the Romulans will be a full independent faction. Once the following was added, later the next day, the new information contradicted the first information.

Reference Three: A note from dStahl:

Cryptic doesn't communicate clearly.

Regardless about what we finally obtain, I will just be happy to play as a Romulan. I just wished Cryptic was not being so cryptic.
Actually, those info releases were very clear. People simply did not use their brain when reading them.

It was clearly said that because the fleet starbase/embassy 'start over from scratch' would be a boner-killer for people, they are adapting the new faction to be able to ally with existing starbases/fleets.