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Originally Posted by jexsamx View Post
You missed the part where she then disclosed how much of those negative posts were made by how many posters. There were 178 negative posts, but they were all made by the same 71 people, whereas the 107 positive posts, while fewer, were made by about 75 different people.

Overwhelming volume of negative posts doesn't mean much when the actual percentile of negative to positive posters is close to 1:1.
Well, yeah. I understood and read the whole article.

I just didn't think it was necessary for Terilynn Shull to end the article on a negative note. I can understand her frustration with players; however, I would have ended the article in a light manner.

Within the majority of my responses, based upon the new season, I have been trying to shed light on a misstep in communications. Its fixable. As I have been saying all along, I am very happy for a chance to play as a Romulan. Cryptic just needs to make sure their advertising is not so cryptic or confusing.

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