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I have made my MBA. Not companies decides what is profitable the customer decides. Good and succesful companies always includes key users in the research and development process. It is the most succesfull advantage of good companies. If opinions are irrelevant why should the game companies do betas. Only for testing how the features will be liked by us.

We have the money...We are the basis of the game....sto is not an isle of devs.

I was a player from the start of sto(i created today a new pw account because of technical problems...this was my first of day writing in the forums because it really upsets to see that our opinion is declared to be irrelevant)

My opinion is worth to be heard....just that i am disappointed ....doesn't mean that i am againts cryptic.....i have children myself and sometimes i critisize them because i want them to better and criticism is both possible...the world is grey and not black and white
You can influence Cryptic by spending on zen on features you like, and features you dislike.

Stupid example: If you like KDF ships, and want more KDF ships but not Fed ones, then you should buy a lot of KDF C-store ships, but no Federation ones.