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I've just listened to Friday's interview with 'The Verdict' in which you mention you were a bit bumped about some fan feedback regarding Legacy of Romulus. Seeing as I was pretty focal on my opinion of it (so much so that I received an understandable signature warning over it) I feel the need to address the situation nice and clearly.

I am overjoyed that the Romulans are making a playable appearance in the game. Am I bothered that the Romulans of choice aren't remnants of the Empire? No, not really. People can play KDF and have their ship and crew roleplay as an honorable crew following Martok, or a dishonored crew following Torg or Duras. The choice-faction within the Romulan faction never bothered me because people can role-play.

What has bothered me specifically (and I believe this to be the main concern of those who have complained) is that Romulan players are being forced to align with the Federation or KDF when they'd have rather played as a Romulan that was specific and unique; and not a part of the war front.

During all the updates, news, speculation etc that came before last weeks Ask Cryptic it was insinuated that the Romulans we were getting would be complete, unique, and on their own. Granted that can be put down to speculation on the part of the readers, but I'd be lying if I said the choice of words used by whoever writes this stuff is insightful, it isn't; it gave a lot of people the wrong idea.

I'm pretty sure I speak for nearly everyone when I say we're all looking forward to May, and everything that is involved with that expansion. It's just a lot of us were expecting a unique faction and three-way PvP, and when concerns and complaints were listed, they seemingly went ignored; you made several posts in the big Romulan Thread in the main Discussion stating that you and the team are taking our feedback in. What exactly does that mean?

If you've all invested the time and effort into the way it's going to be, then is our feedback merely something to read and dismiss? Nobody within their right mind is going to expect everything you've been working on for the past 6 months to be edited and changed within the next month or two, though it would be nice to know that are concerns aren't being brushed away once read.

I read a post the other day in which someone claimed that you guys have, and will always envision the Trek Online story as an eternal war between the Federation and Klingon factions. Is this true? Are we likely to ever see a 3rd faction that isn't involved in this war at all? Are we ever likely to see a three-way PvP scenario?
I disagree with the point you made (in bold).

The storyline being followed is the Romulan empire blew up along with their homeworld. The broken remains are being actively helped by both KDF and FED while the militaristic remnants of the Tal Shiar are trying to bully the survivors into forming a new romulan empire while D'tan and his ilk are trying to form a Republic.

I think Cryptic could make the 'pure romulan' faction you want simply be available by allowing players to join the Tal Shiar at later levels. Say.. 30 to 49...

That would roleplay nicely into canon by having the player join Fed or KDF and later on be recruited into the talshiar but STILL remain able to use KDF or FED gear right up to the last level.

At 50 the player would choose finally if he becomes full Tal Shiar (and loses fed/KDF stuff access) or not.

Since romulans have no starbases and the TalShiar is supposed to a covert unit anyway... they should instead simply have an embassy type base on some hidden moonlet. From a 3 tier max hidden base the player can access the full romulan gear and whatever tal shiar goodies come out.