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04-01-2013, 05:58 PM
Something a bit lighter for my fourth entry, just to tide me over till the next LC Given the incredible output from our group in this past few weeks, I wonder if the LCs could be made weekly, rather than fortnightly?

For ease of reference/visualization, here're the actors I would cast if I was filming this tomorrow...

Amanda Palmer - Courtney Cox
Brandon Mayer - Jason Lewis
Bella - Olivia Wilde
I'sH'd - Alexander Skarsgard
Ch'K'rr - Scarlett Johansson
S'rR's - Amy Smart
Campbell-Black - Helen Flanagan
T'Natra - Gal Gadot
th'Shaan - James Marsters
Selya Chirk - Angelina Jolie
Meliden Bowen - Eve Myles
Todd Mitchell - Thomas Dekker

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