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Originally Posted by phyrexianhero View Post
I can see you're not really interested in the issues I raised, since time and again you respond as if it's a particular problem and not a general one.
It's not a general problem. It's a very particular problem. And your particular situation has a solution that's already been offered in this very thread. You can easily manage space for your fleets' Romulans. Without losing any functionality. Just need to have someone on the ball knowing names of alts to swap in and out as needed.

Though under this "logic" a fleet with 500 unique accounts doesn't have a problem with the cap either since you're obfuscation suggests you can just keep making more fleets and have everyone rotate around as needed.
If we can find an actual fleet that has 500 unique accounts we can address their particular issues on a case by case basis.

I'm of the opinion such a fleet doesn't exist.

Most fleets are comfortably within the fleet maximum members cap. In fact, judging by the amount of complaint threads about "smaller" fleets that populate these forums, one might think there's quite a few fleets out there that could use some new blood, Romulan green or otherwise.