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04-01-2013, 05:10 PM
Originally Posted by johnharrisonlol View Post
Yep mentioned that a few posts ago and yes easiest fix would be putting the equip diag power to place the player on red alert. Bt the time red alert is over the player will have lost over half is firepower buff time. In any case the process would be so much slower and he would be hurting his team by doing little fighting.
Not sure how much of a solution that really is tho.. if you activate target optics it puts you in red alert.. that red alert however is only 3 seconds long, the one you want to happen would have to be a real red-alert at least.

That still wouldn't be much of a solution to science player's buffing nanite health monitors from different kits tho.

In space when you buff someone with a healing ability and switch the boff after it the healing ability is canceled i wonder if the same could be done for ground.

Maybe switching a kit should generally put all the abilities from the kit on a full cooldown in the beginning, but even that would still present some benefits (like doing nhm then switching physicist), so canceling buffs is something that may be still needed in some way.
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