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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
It's not a general problem. It's a very particular problem. And your particular situation has a solution that's already been offered in this very thread. You can easily manage space for your fleets' Romulans. Without losing any functionality. Just need to have someone on the ball knowing names of alts to swap in and out as needed.

If we can find an actual fleet that has 500 unique accounts we can address their particular issues on a case by case basis.

I'm of the opinion such a fleet doesn't exist.
A very particular problem, eh? I had just listed over 2 dozen fleets with 400-500 members on one faction alone -- and knowing that many have strict alt policies it's extremely likely many of them have upper 400 unique accounts in the fleet.

DStahl's Ask Cryptic was directly in reference to such fleets: "Now that many established Fleets are finishing their Tier 5 Starbases, we expect to see established guilds enticing all the New Romulans to join their cause in exchange for access to the best ships and gear the ally can offer." Not to start anew, not to join some Tier 1 fleet with 5 members, but to join their friends they've already been playing with for months or years without having to swap alts constantly to be in the same fleet.
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