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04-01-2013, 05:54 PM
Originally Posted by brencarden View Post
My compalint is with YOU not the Sad pandas in general

-The simple idea behind Playing-to-improve is approaching PvP as a constant learning experience. This means removing obvious crutches, and resisting the temptation of "I-Win" buttons. For example, if a skill is mistakenly changed into a one-shot ability, buck the trend and don't use it.

Maybe you should read a Guide about pvp I found on the Forum Written by a guy who doenst take his own advise. . . You have been using a 1 Shot Kill ability Since SEASON 1 and think that EVERYone else should be able to counter it!!

Come on Bro Man up and Drop your DEM Doffs than !!!!

And if your going to start a pvp GUIDE make sure to include ALL the HACKS and ALL the bugs and iregularities you have found while playing this game since Season 1!!! This also ensures that everyone has a Fair playing field and you might find that ppl will be able to compete with you !!!! Maybe you might even lose/get killed!!!!!!
Dont keep BUGS you find within your fleet because you simply have no class.. . .
I have even invited Sad Pandas into my fleet we are all Friends
I just dont like the way YOU play the game

Have fun on the 6th of April One Trick Pony!!
lol wat. /10char