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@sparklysoldier: Another excellent Azera story! Everything about your story came together really well-- the way you described Azera's reaction to the sensing the Collective in its entirety, your visual description of the Unicomplex, your handling of the Borg Queen, and especially Azera's reactions afterwards, all made the entire story shine.

Just a few more story comments:

@marcusdkane: Wow, if ever there was a situation that called for Vulcan emotion-suppressing training... Very well written, the jumps forward from marriage on up were enthralling with lots of characterization squeezed into each one, and now I'm all kinds of curious about Marcus's troubled sister Alix. Is she a character in some of his stories, or even a PC in her own right?

@cmdrscarlet: I like the fly on the wall structure of the story, how the narrative bounces around from table to table like a ball before landing back where it started. A quick but effective story for dipping into Kathryn's past and revealing the crew's various feelings about her.

@ambassadormolari: This is just really clever! It's fun to see a story that focuses on one of a junior officer, and both the gonzo situation and scientific explanation for it are very well-done and feel like a Trek episode come to life. The story opening in the middle of a very well-presented holodeck fantasy likewise really captures the feel of a Trek episode: I was starting to doubt my memory and wonder if it was "Lady Nelson" after all...

@gulberat: If ever there's a writer who could present the future musical history of Trek-era Earth, it's you. The musical insight and detail offered in the last part of the story are really well done, and it's touching to see how music can link two species as far apart as humans and Devidians together, and how Alyosha's faith connects him with the universe around him.

Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
Wow, I don't think I could sustain a weekly rate. The current rate pushes me hard as it is!

Will read your entry and respond to your comments tonight. :-)
Same here! I'm still trying to figure out how playing the game fits into the schedule...

Speaking of which, at least one more comment's coming soon! I have sanders233's story saved and ready to be read tomorrow during lunch, and just from the length of it, and the two other stories you've already posted, I stand in awe of your creativity!

Edit: Correction - make that the three other stories you've posted!

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