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04-01-2013, 06:35 PM
What if instead of one big report you added an array of commendation assignments that drew from two pools of commendation XP rather than the lot.

For example, something like:

Submit Plan on Combined Operation to Forestall <enemy> Aggression (Military/Espionage)
Draft Speculative Paper on High Energy Materials Analysis (Science/Engineering)

And so forth.

They could be integrated into the commendation console via a tree structure similar to the duty officers actually in the interior of the player vessel (I'm thinking the Engineering officer), or (perhaps more controversially) through the existing (unlockable) assignment officers on the fleet starbase.

It could also be an opportunity to introduce more Very Rare (or perhaps introducing Unique?) DOFFs on a crit as a response to a good commendation proposal further down the track. I think this could make the commendation side of things feel a bit more like liaising with Starfleet Command at a high level as well.

I kind of like the idea of an interdisciplinary commendation report, but agree that requiring all of the CXP for one project could be a bit on the nose.