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Originally Posted by krovan View Post
The benefit for the Klingons is that the bulk of romluan players are either going to be ex feds, or people that don't have interest in the federation in the first place.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the vast majority of Romulan captains are going to be alts of existing fed and KDF players. While some will indeed choose to go to the other faction to see what's what and if the grass is greener while simultaneously experiencing the first substantial brand new story content in forever, most will probably stick to their main's factions.

This will likely be the case for Feds in particular since by now most fed players have rolled one, or two, or a few KDF farmer alts and through those already experienced what content the KDF has to offer.
Originally Posted by sorceror01 View Post are a bad starship captain and you should feel bad.
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However, I think with regard to the Romulan Republic player characters/npcs, it all comes down to a finite point:

These are not the Romulans from the shows.