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Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
House of Beautiful Orions has a constant running maxed out at 500 - usually with a waiting list.

400+ are individual players

How will this work? the situation is that you are not on for 60 days you get kicked. When the new monthly kick happens its less than 10 people - so that means 400 active members - active all the time.

35 days till it has the first T5 KDF shipyard in the game - think anyone will be leaving? I don't think so.

So does that mean no Romulans in the fleet? Or kick out KDF players?

The cap must be increased - or at bare min - should be based on # of accounts and not alts
Exactly! I'm glad there's a few people in the thread who are approaching the issue in a serious manner. As I said at the top of the page, there's a number of very suitable options: add more slots for fleet members, add Romulan faction only slots to fleets, or make it by account instead of character.
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