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Originally Posted by squishkin View Post
Actually, if you're going to use that metric, the KDF got two and the Feds got five. In practice, the KDF got one and the UFP got two, each with its own variants. Oh well.
I'm talking fleet ships and C-store ships, not the 9-console ships with no special abilities to make up for the lack of a 10th console (or even a special ability AND a 10th console).

Originally Posted by squishkin View Post
If you got another C-store ship, you'd have basically the same as the Feds. Is that what you want? Just another random ship you might not buy?
I've bought a ton of the Fed C-store ships, and used them rather frequently back when I played Feds a lot. All I'm asking, though, is for the ships they told us were that Negh'var refit they talked about. It amazes me how long it takes them to turn out new ships, especially since they're borked on release half the time.

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