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04-01-2013, 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by cloudwasher View Post
I was muted for 24 hours without any explanation or warning and a week later, I still haven't received any explanation why it happened.
No, it's because all Cryptic games have a player run Mafia like chat ban system. Yes, players can chat ban you, and very quickly, too. Oh, and they can do it without any punishment as well.

Also, as mentioned over here, you absolutely can NOT change your @name:

Recently there's been a spike in people ticketing in to Customer Support trying to get their @handles changed, or their forum names changed. To head off the tickets and make sure everyone's aware, read on.

-Forum names are unchangeable. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work. I once tried it, and it completely broke the account, three times before I gave up. Display names are hardcoded per account.

-Changing @handles was.... technically possible, back in the day. We can't offer that as a service anymore, though, because of the difficulty and time involved in making those changes.
So that hopefully answers that.