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04-01-2013, 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
if someone has minmaxed for dps to the total exclusion of insulators then they deserve to be crippled if not totally shut down by even rudimentary attempts at a drain built...

this situation is like expecting to out dps everyone with no points to any kind of weapons...
You're missing the point. The point is that defenses being more powerful than the corresponding attacks by an order of magnitude is bad design.

Draining doesn't even work as well as it used to in PVE either. Boss type enemies, i.e. the ones that should actually require some teamwork and science support to take down, were patched to have very high resistance to power drain so that they can't be shut down anymore. I used to be able to literally turn off Donatra's shields to make a fast kill. That doesn't work now.