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Inspiration is inspiration, regardless the source Once I decided to name my STO ship for the plot to kill Hitler, I ironically found one of his quotes, to be the most fitting for the dedication plaque of a literary ship:

"Words build bridges into unexplored regions."

I think your choice of Bogart was perfect, but in terms of juxtaposition to the 25th Century, but also in your very recognizable portrayal of him

I'm sorry you felt it was a low blow, it was only my intention to show just what had emotionally crippled Marcus so severely, that Vulcan mental techniques were the only solution... :-\
Quite the contrary, I felt that scene captured the traumatic moment perfectly, and it was a much-needed counterpoint to the idyllic family life that you'd written for Marcus.

I figured when one needs the best genetic engineering done, there would only be one realistic option, despite significant bad press in science journals... The challenge was in finding a reason why a Starfleet officer would actually need to have a child genetically engineered, for the results to be manifested as personality traits, and the rest just fell into place from there...
Between genetic engineering and near-apocalyptic thalaron disasters, its a wonder Adigeon isn't avoided altogether. Although the impression I got was that the thalaron radiation was also partially responsible for Marcus' immortal "condition."

Glad to hear it had the desired effect I figure that she figured that she had nineteen usable minutes while the experiment ran, so made the appropriate scheduling to maximize her time, rather than spinning on her lab chair and building a 'house of PADDS' waiting for the results to come through. I figured it also gave a hint of her kind of humor ^_^
What can I say, quirky science officers are fun to write.

Originally Posted by gulberat
Glad you liked it! Just what way was it unexpected?
Just the mental image of a Devidian unwinding by immersing him(it?)self in electonica. Though you did good by mentioning that Alyosha was able to sense it on a completely different wavelength than humans, so it still made sense.

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@ambassadormolari: This is just really clever! It's fun to see a story that focuses on one of a junior officer, and both the gonzo situation and scientific explanation for it are very well-done and feel like a Trek episode come to life. The story opening in the middle of a very well-presented holodeck fantasy likewise really captures the feel of a Trek episode: I was starting to doubt my memory and wonder if it was "Lady Nelson" after all...
Glad you liked it! Although I guess, realistically, Sann should be a Lieutenant instead of an Ensign, seeing as she's a bridge officer. The ranking scheme of STO can jar rather confusingly with canon at times. And yes, the holodeck scene was immensely fun to write.