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04-01-2013, 09:57 PM
Well I tweaked the mission a bit to address remairtamec's suggestions.

  • Replaced the missed "Interact" prompts with proper naming like "Lower Forcefield"
  • Spaced out the Orions a bit more so they don't one shot your away team
  • Added holo designation to the enemies to show they are holographic
  • Moved the third wave of Klingons more into view
  • Re-sized the forcefields so they fill the entire doorway or hall floor to ceiling
  • Removed emotions from BOFFs and kept it military instead
  • Removed extra !!! and fixed some minor spelling errors I missed earlier
  • Also reworked some of the dialogue to work a bit better

So far I have only had one additional comment since fixing these things, and it said my mission was "Poorly written with excessive and typo-ridden dialogue". Which according to them ruined the mission. Ouch! Personally I didn't find any other typos and as for excessive.. *shrug* to each their own I guess. I did say 10 min not reading and 30 min reading.

Overall though reception has been positive and I thank those who played and left constructive feedback.

I am working on a mission now for the newest contest and will try to keep it less wordy and more balanced. lol