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04-01-2013, 11:50 PM

I have tried 3D in Tribble and there are a Few improvements, Especially Bloom. Shadows are still out of Sink land labels are at Screen Depth Still, But the New interface makes it easier to bare with. I tried variouse Settings and i must say exept for a few Visual Improvements overall 3D performance is a little Better.

AS many have said to me here, its meant to be a 2D game, But remember that in all modern games, our GPU's and CPU's Work to Create a 3D world and then work on putting that 3D world back on a 2D Screen, So regardless of wether its Said that its a 2D Game or 3D, The Term is Relitive is valid to all Video games,PC , XBOX , PLaystation. Correcting any Game to perform in Stereoscopic 3D is Possible and it has been Done on many Games that never Nativley Supported Stereoscopic 3D, So All Statements said to me are Valid and i Acknowledge you all.

The issues in STO Stereoscopic 3D are Minor and yes we can play it with a little Sacrifice in 3D. But a Little Tweaking by Developers of STO Could Fix:

1: Labels, There at Screen Depth, Make them Allign with Depth of Ship,or, at a Deeper Screen Depth

2: Shadows, Can be turned off, But make 3D Even Better.

3: Antialiasing: Works Fine on Tribble in 3D, It does not in Holodeck.

4: A more Simple Solution: Limit 3D effect to Minimal levels, I found that works and you can play for a while in 3D Even in Holodeck, But better in Tribble.

Cheers to all For your Comments, i appreciate all points of view.