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Yes, that makes sense, equally, I got the impression of Teeglar having the same kind of inner strength as Master Yoda, which immediately commands respect, regardless of his stature. I really hope that a future LC will allow him to make a guest appearance.
Somebody once described Keenser's role as being the exact opposite of Jar-Jar Binks--small and unusual though he was, he actually played the straight man to nuScotty's insanity. That gave me the idea of making the Roylans a rather strict, discipline-driven society. One that might strike other species as surprising given their size (as they would associate such behavior with imposing physicality).

Teeglar might be back sometime...we'll see.

I think Captain Nasir would have written some scathing reports to Command and the Federation Council as a result of the Eden's visit...
Indeed--I would expect so!

Just to clarify, I was meaning that Rebecca would have undergone the procedure to save the child's life even if the risks had been fully explained.
I can understand where you're coming from. The reason I'd be angry, though, in her position, is that I consider a decision made when someone was withholding information from me to be in effect a coerced decision. I would resent that if someone like the Adigeons did that to me on such a critical matter.

As for what I would've decided in her place...honestly, that is too difficult for me to answer. I cannot say what I would've done.

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@gulberat: If ever there's a writer who could present the future musical history of Trek-era Earth, it's you. The musical insight and detail offered in the last part of the story are really well done, and it's touching to see how music can link two species as far apart as humans and Devidians together, and how Alyosha's faith connects him with the universe around him.
I'm glad you liked it! Alyosha's faith is very important to him. Maybe someday (though not in the forums), if you were curious, I could tell you how he sees it. Once I saw it from his perspective, and understood why he sought it out, it absolutely blew my mind. O_o

I am such a "music person" that I have actually come up with some theories about what happened to music as humanity moved into the Trek era.

That link created by music...I don't know if anyone saw it, there was an aspect of his holoprogram that makes it a little bittersweet, though... :-/

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Just the mental image of a Devidian unwinding by immersing him(it?)self in electonica. Though you did good by mentioning that Alyosha was able to sense it on a completely different wavelength than humans, so it still made sense.
Alyosha is indeed male, though I approach the Devidians as a species with very little sexual dimorphism--or if there is any, it's something standard Preserver-template humanoids would not necessarily recognize immediately.

Seeing the behavior of the two Devidians in "Time's Arrow" made me think that they actually were male and female, and an item. While they could easily have been acting, during the soul-stealing scene, it was how they behaved when the female was struck by that energy blast--the male actually looked shocked and scared for her. They were exposed. They didn't have to act like a couple. And the ability to act, even under such duress, is what makes me think that some natural talent for mimicry helps Alyosha to do what he does, when it comes to making people think he's human.

(That same scene also drives home the absolute callousness of the other Devidians. They are clearly capable of strong, genuine emotions towards each other, capable of compassion in SOME form, but regard their prey as cattle. Beneath contempt. I had forgotten it until recently, but when I saw "Time's Arrow" actually made me feel better about my choice to let Alyosha's personality develop as it did, and not as a cold "shark" personality.)

Oh...and I do think Alyosha's hearing is one of his most relatable senses, so he would take in music very similarly to us. But his auditory organ(s) are structurally very different from our type of ear. Not sure what it is yet, but I know the whole principle is different.
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