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04-02-2013, 01:56 AM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
I have a toon with the Fleet Hoh'sus, but she spends her time in a Fleet Norgh instead-the ability to use DEM3 is too nice to give up, and a Hoh'sus' seating is less useful.

As for Vestas, and Wells, It 's a rare match where the Feds don't show up without one or the the other (or both), and they're always around Ker'rat, the Vesta with its trail of Advanced Danubes (tractor spam) and the Wells demonstrating why it's a lockbox, instead of C-store, ship.

Both present a considerable level of lethal hazard to any BoP, but the Vesta seems almost purpose made (thanks to the tractor-spam) for taking out B'rels, since a B'rel doing anything is revealed for 3 seconds or so, and Danube pets have faster enough reaction time to get it 3 way tractored out of cloak with sheilds down the instant it tries anything.

Which is just another reason not to take a B'rel-at least the Hegh'ta has some hull and shields, and when you're decloaking with THAT, you're not getting caught pants-down by pets with faster-than-human reaction times...
The shinies certainly make some combat difficult, including in Ker'rat, but I can still blow 'em up in my trusty ol' Hegh'ta. It's just harder to do, because they have a lot more toys to use. Still doesn't compensate for the lack of skill, and it won't compensate for my driving a figurative d'k'tagh through their hearts when I see a weakness in their defenses.