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Just an idea, at the moment is still uncertaind what the new tholian space set and dbb/console/mine set 3 pieces powers will be, but i have a suggestion, why not use the tholian tarantula dreadnought skill, the one that has the same animation like the thalaron projector from scimitar ships, of course balanced/nerfed.
It would be a shame that such a nice animation skill to be so rare (1 ep mission, 1 stf and a buggy red alert with no ships half of the time ) and rezerved for only one faction, assuming that is the romulans/remans will eventually get a thalaron projector skill on a scimitar like ship.
Also, even if it is decided that wll not be used that skill (and probablly it wont ) is a good idea to develop an activable skill on both 3 pieces skills, just judging by the past experience of the romulan and omega rep.
The romulan/reman space sets are hardly used, mostly becouse of the 3 pc sucky proc (i know only 2 ppl from my friend-list and my fleet toghether that use them) even if they were develop as alternatives to stf sets, as stated when they were released, while the omega space sets are unmatched, in part of a good 3 pc skills, with 2-3 mins CD but useble when u need it.
Same goes for space weapon sets, but somewhat reversed. The romulan weapon set is used widely with all 3 parts (really good 3 pieces skill) while the omega wep set is only used with 2 pc, the 3pc proc not so much.
Sry for the long post, but i put here another idea, how about an updated mk XII version of the CRM 200 ground weapon at Tier 5 rep. Would be like the promised plasma flamenthrower but here the weapon is allready functional, only need to boost it's stats.
I know is a Breen weapon so it might be saved for a breen rep system but it makes such a good synergy with the tholian ground set, many ppl are using it on nukara.
For the future breen rep system or why not for the tholian rep system a stand-alone cryo grenade launcher could be a good idea, normal fire launch a cryo grenade at 30-50% dmg of a hand grenade (including the AoE range) while the 2nd fire could be a mine projectile, proximity triggered or by clicking the 2nd fire again.
Also i am hoping that reprogramable drone to have that skill the tholian drones use on romulus