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04-02-2013, 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
Actually, that's what I thought we were getting.

If you want to stay Pure Romulan without choosing a side, do so!

But apparently, you have to choose Starfleet or Klingon, no middle ground.

Personally, I think this problem could be solved by just buffing up on the XP on the featured episodes, which are the only true non-factional content.

I'm not going to play the faction because of the condition for playing it mentioned many times, but in theory, if I did play it, I'd be perfectly happy with an unfinished faction until they can give it a proper treatment!

Heck, I levelled a KDF to max rank on nothing but sector explores!

And that was back when the game had next to nothing for levelling besides those missions, there are more options now.

As for the Romulan equivalent of Diplomacy, if they're not motivated to create a unique system at the moment, just let us tag all Diplomacy and Maruading missions and accumulate the points towards the Doffing Rank.

Starbases might be a bit more complicated, it'll require creating 5 distinct models and the interior as well.
This is totally what I am after, I would rather have the third option of remaining my OWN ally, not supporting another faction. I dont need Fed ships or KDF ships, I would rather not have a starbase than have a fleet that is part of the KDF or Fed.

I mean at this point I would be happy to remain a pure Romulan and have no starbase assets at all with the fleet progression just unlocking new vendors in our social hub. And if they are really worried about Romulan Fleet progression because people have "invested" so much into KDF or Fed fleets then why not add a Romulan Fleet bonus to all Romulan fleets that allows them to reach higher tiers with less input/time?