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04-02-2013, 10:13 AM
Well, tragedy struck.

While testing and getting tired, I was swapping from a sci ody to a tac ody... and I discharged the ship I put the gear onto...

Yeah... it sucks... hard.

So, I am prematurely ending my testing, but with the data I managed to accumulate I'm firmly convinced that both:

Beams are peforming as designed. You may not like the design. You may not like the playstyle. That does not mean they are broken. It means you do not like them.


Plasma stacking is balanced, at least where beams are concerned. Stacking embassy plasma consoles with AP beams was actually a DPS increase over going full on plasma, and was on par with romulan plasma. Utility beam types were slightly behind, but I would expect that from a beam with a utility proc rather then a DPS proc or a crit modifier.

You might not like the state of beam weaponry, but it is neither horribly broken nor is plasma the only way to go. It is the fad right now because it is new. When you take the time to actually do thurough testing the numbers are not nearly as skewed as public opinion would lead you to beleive.

I do not expect all, or in fact many, of you to believe what I say. I do not encourage you to. I encourage you to test it for yourself. I don't mean just one run and throw your hands up in the air. Give it a solid go, following advice and treat it as a new skill set. You just might surprise yourself and have a ton of fun along the way.

Now, please, join me in a moment of silence for the crew and cargo of the U.S.S. BEAM BUILD TEST... They were lost so we could better understand the universe around us. May you all rest in peace.
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