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04-02-2013, 10:21 AM
I had a look at the UGC "long" video, it's not bad, I managed to create a simple "test" mission, but it's just what it is, a "test", until the next video comes out, I can't go further.

But, I still say the UI is inferior as apposed to a lot of "configurable" gaming systems I've seen, for instance, the 2D map could have a 3D option along side the "Play Map" button, so that when objects are dropped on the map, click the "Edit in 3D" button, and the map would show just like if hitting the "Play Map" button, but does not show any NPC's, just scenery and placed objects, then, when an object is clicked/selected, then holding alt, would show a rotation axis around the object, then still holding alt, then using the mouse button to drag to rotate the object, or, holding ctrl+alt would show a movement axis, then again by still holding ctrl+alt and click dragging on either the x,y,z axis would move the object within the 3D world, then when satisfied all objects have been placed, then click on "exit 3D edit", which would return to the 2D map to continue the storyline.

using the current UI, it would take 3 weeks, just to create an arena with a force field surrounding the activation console, IE.

1......Drag pattern enhancers to map
2......Lay them out approximately in a circle, the diameter big enough to have the console, a contact NPC, and BOFF's inside.
3......Drop an invisible "force field" between the pattern enhancers, (this is the tricky bit).

To place the invisible "force fields" exactly between each of the pattern enhancers (using current UI) is nothing but trial and error:-

1.....Drop force field.
2.....Move it
3.....Hit Play Map
4.....Don't look right, repeat steps 2 & 3 until positioned close enough.
5.....Rotate 1 grid mark left or right.
6.....Hit Play Map
7.....Don't fit right?, repeat steps 5 & 6 until force field is central between pattern enhancers
8.....Repeat all steps for the remaining force fields.

Those steps, can take up to 3 weeks or more to get right, that's the reason for my original post. I guess I won't be using the UI until a better one comes along.

It's a pity that the UI can't import missions created by other people, otherwise, I could ask a "professional" creator to create one to my storyline and I could import it into my account.