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Pffft. Whatever ship they want is their own business, really. Not the first who wanted a Fleet Intrepid, won't be the last undoubtedly. I do try and warn off people who want the Odyssey or, of all things, Aquarius admittedly. They're just fundamentally bad. If someone wants a Fleet Long-Range Science Vessel? Why not, so long as they know what they're getting?
Meh, back while S6 was being tested on Tribble, I was looking forward to getting an Aquarius - it just looks nice. But yeah, had I kept playing long enough to get a fleet ship, with or without the fleet buff, the stats would have sent me running away. IT'S DREADFUL!

Honestly though, if the player's paying for the 40M version, I see no reason to warn them not to get the Odyssey - it's okay if you don't care for the fleet-style buff the C-Store versions received.

Edit: Other than the 10 fleet ships you could get if you had the credits for the thing in addition to the 40 ship modules.
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