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04-02-2013, 11:00 AM
The Atrox doesn't have more hangar capacity. Just as you said, the Atrox's flight pods equal a modern day carrier. Literally.

Unlike a modern day carrier, the Atrox cannot use it's 'flight decks' as impromptu storage to increase the amount of Fighters it can support. That drops it's flight compliment.

Unlike modern day fighters, Star Trek Fighters have a fixed size. They cannot fold up their wings/pylons etc. and are typically bulkier, seating 2 with room for several passengers. They're more akin to Helicopters than your typical jet fighter. That also drops it's flight compliment.

The Atrox only has a crew compliment of 3000. While Modern carriers have the same amount, they also have the Flight Crew which usually counts for another 2000 or so. The Atrox doesn't have that specialty crew, thus it cannot support the same amount of fighters. Another drop to the flight compliment.

So while ships (including fighter and shuttlecraft) have gotten larger, carrier operations haven't.