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Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
You mean besides their inability to keep themselves alive regardless of what's going on around them?
Okay, you're discussing mechanics and I'm discussing story, but sure let's go with that.

Since small craft have an excessively high rate of attrition, don't you think without some way of replenishing small craft complement on-site a starship would inevitably and quickly run out of them? Which, mind you, doesn't happen in-game unless you're using consumables.

...Replicators, industrial or otherwise are not the infinite material source some would perceive, they require energy on a massive scale and possibly some source of raw materials which would need to be housed somewhere. Also contributing to it's size is it's propulsion and energy systems, matter/antimater and fusion reactors all use reaction mass which must be stored aboard ship...
That's exactly my point, sustainability at the cost of smaller maximum complements.

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