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04-02-2013, 12:05 PM
To be honest, the ammount of resources required to get a starbase and shipyard to tier 5 is so high, I highly doubt any fleet that has them unlocked would be of the mindset to trick players into getting EC, more so because any fleet capable of unlocking thier bases to this lelel most likely have no need for EC anyway.

Jupiter Force will have T5 Shipyard unlocked next week (it's currently slotted and running), T5 Engineering and T5 Starbase was unlocked a while ago now. I assume there must be several other of the large prominant fleets at this level also. To be honest, I think the prices some fleets are charging is pretty fair

I do think it would be nice if Cryptic altered the system though and made fleet ships only purchasable from the shipyards in a Fleet system, and allowed players to buy them using thier own fleets provisions, so an invite to the fleet would not be needed. I'd also suggest that buying from a fleets starbase or shipyard that you are not a member of should cost more (maybe 150%-200% excluding fleet modules), that way there is still an incentive for fleets to level thier own starbases. This would definatly make it a little less of a clumsy procedure and encourage people to want to visit higher level fleets starbases.

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