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Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
Meh, back while S6 was being tested on Tribble, I was looking forward to getting an Aquarius - it just looks nice. But yeah, had I kept playing long enough to get a fleet ship, with or without the fleet buff, the stats would have sent me running away. IT'S DREADFUL!

Honestly though, if the player's paying for the 40M version, I see no reason to warn them not to get the Odyssey - it's okay if you don't care for the fleet-style buff the C-Store versions received.

Edit: Other than the 10 fleet ships you could get if you had the credits for the thing in addition to the 40 ship modules.
If you want, you could always add some support to the Aquarius thread I posted. Though some people in that thread seem to feel the Aquarius deserves to be dreadful and that every other escort should be made worse.
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