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i think that was more the cardassians not biting at what was an obvious attempt to draw their forces out of position than those waves being obliterated before they could actually open a hole in enemy lines
The corollary to this being, of course, that for the Cardassians to have a realistic choice in that matter (i.e. they weren't forced to respond) the peregrines could not have been terribly effective on their own. For them to have not been effective, they either lacked firepower or were vulnerable enough their firepower was not being brought to bear.

Yes, they must resupply. As must every ship engaged in frontline combat. Very few warships are designed for long-term, unsupported deployments (be they present day ones or fictional future ones). In addition, given the capacity for just about any other 25th century vessel to carry a number of strike craft, the option of resupplying a carrier in the field is much more viable.
Let's ditch the real-life comparison stuff, here. We're talking Trek.

But for the fact most of those vessels are far more effective deployed themselves opposed to operating in a logistics role, sure. A role, lest we forget, is greatly diminished in light of starships' ability to self-supply while deployed. Moreover, most Federation vessels (at least) are designed for long-term exploration missions and therefore are designed for self-sufficiency, not for wartime deployment and certainly not to lack self-sufficiency. Canonically, the first actual warship class (as in, designed primarily and exclusively for wartime use) in Starfleet was the Defiant, and it's an escort.

Show me a missile that can execute an escort or reconnaissance mission.
Class (X) probes for one, which are more or less photon torpedoes with the warhead replaced by a mission-appropriate sensor suite, are adequate for reconnaissance. Which, mind you, is another role that has been greatly obviated and/or changed due to Star Trek tech (sensors the ranges of which extend for light-years).

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