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04-02-2013, 02:37 PM
So I was running CGE pugged. The first mistake.

One guy on the team, Damir, had about 5 red injuries on him. He apparently had no remodulator either. So myself and a Klingon were constantly telling him to get a remod and heal his injuries. No response.

Throughout the match, he drew no aggro (didn't do any damage since his weapon wasn't remodded) and essentially sat there blasting away with no effect.

We didn't get optional, but we did get all the way up to Armek. So I finally send one last "Damir, please remod already", and finally, he speaks!

Originally Posted by Damir
[Team] Damir@Edited out: kiss my a s hole
Imagine how enlightened I was to hear that. Here's the rest of the chat log, for your reading pleasure.


[Team] Damir: awwwwwwww

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: So, Damir, feel like remodding anytime soon?

[Team] Wistir: he speaks!!

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: :O

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: I didn't think him capable!

[Team] Wistir: Damir trade with me

[Team] Damirr: kiss my a s hole

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: Pardon?

Janok@stardestroyer001 sits in a Lounge chair.

[Team] Damir: smack me th ass hole

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: Just remod your weapon please.

[Team] Wistir: [Frequency Remodulator] <- helpful against all borg

[Team] Wistir: i got one if you need it

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: We wuld all apreciate it when we fight Armek.

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: *would *appreciate

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: Damir, where are you going?

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: Objective is over here

[Team] Damir: this the third time that i'm wiriting it..i'm f***ing lagging, icannot play

[Team] Damir: can u read

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: So you just run away?

[Team] Wistir: then get a remod for when you can

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: Forget him guys, we're better off without him.

[Team] Wistir: its free

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: I'll take south.

[Team] Damir: no we i cannot stop the movement are blocket at 2 mins before guys

[Team] Damir: i palyed this game only for a 2 mins

[Team] Damir: played

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: Do you speak English?

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: If not, I can try google translator so you can understand what we're trying to say

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: In the meantime, lets try again guys

[Mission] Accolade complete: Vorn Service Medal

[Team] Janok@stardestroyer001: Got him

[Team] Wistir: nice!!

[Team] Wistir: good team with a few snags

I must thank Wistir for being a great teammate. He and I worked very well together, and his patience is quite something.

As for Damir, don't join STFs if you are lagging, that is a plain no-no. However I doubt he was lagging, he didn't rubberband around. He probably was purposely staying behind and forcing the rest of us to do the dirty work. Stay out of STF's, fool.

EDIT: Edited out the handle names, forgot to take them out when I copy-pasted.

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