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04-02-2013, 04:04 PM
Originally Posted by red2142 View Post
Hi everyone,

I have noticed that about 25% of the time when I try to use T:HY2 it glitches. The cool down timer will start but my next attack will only be a single torpedo. Any ideas why or how to correct this?
the combat animations are loosely tied to the combat system, so just because the animation isn't there it doesn't mean the power hasn't woked.

I can get the torpedo animation to detonate against my own ship, but the attack still gets applied to the target after the "correct" amount of time has passed.

Check the "combat" chat window to make sure that the problem is an issue with the power rather than the animation. You will want to turn off all the combat entries except for "Self" if you're to have any chance of spotting the entries.