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04-02-2013, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by sarrafeline View Post
The peregrines that come with HEC and the peregrines from the EC store on sol station are identical, except the text is not updated on the EC requisition hangar, and it is on the HEC included hangar. They are literelly identical other than that.

The EC requisition blue level hangar works to contribute, the one included with the HEC does not.

I would like to suggest making the EC requisitioned hangar from Sol station green, or make the HEC included hangar identical to the one from EC requisition.
Yeah that's pretty much what I said.

It wouldn't be a good idea because all hangar pets at shipyards that cost energy credits are blue quality. The Romulan reputation project to obtain the scorpion fighters says it requires rare blue quality peregrine fighters. If you changed them to green quality you wouldn't be able to complete the project, or have to go all the way across the galaxy to another shipyard that has the blue quality version. (Hint: you can put your mouse over each item icon that is required in the rep project and a tooltip will pop up with more info, and also for items that you receive from the project.)
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