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04-02-2013, 03:51 PM
Toggle in the description is not the toggle that you use to turn it on and off but how the system operates the weapon.

For example, A beam array has a max toggle of 4 seconds. that means the salvo of a beam array will automatically turn off after 4 seconds before recharging. After the 1 second recharge time the system allows your ship to fire again for up to 4 seconds. It is a max because if your ships moves so the firing arc is out of range it is stop firing before the salvo would normally finish.

On a dhc the Toggle is 1 and the recharge is 1 so that means 1 second on and 1 second off

For the console you are referring to can fire up to 10 torpedoes in 2 seconds or 1 every .2 seconds. If you use the ability and you only manage to fire 1 torpedo because either the target died first shot or they moved out of range the toggle will stay armed for up to 1.8 seconds or until the ability goes on cool down. if there is more targets then the toggle will stay at the .2 second for maximum torpedoes.