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04-02-2013, 05:04 PM
I don't have any issues with STO currently other than DX11 missing textures that are simply the fault of lazy workmanship and no motivation for the devs to fix them. My system is also overclocked. What ATI drivers are you using?: I am running hte 13.1's with no issues. Before I installed them, I did a clean removal of the old Catalyst drivers with AMD's Clean Up Utility. Your CPU cooler should be swapped out to something good by Noctua if you want to run at good temps while overclocked.

Two things to be aware of in STO that are annoying. On ATI cards, 16x AA causes the game to crash. Loading screens also cause insane framerates that will head up your system if not properly cooled. There are two ways to aproach the second of the two while running full everything under DX11 on 8x AA. Lock the framerate int eh options at 60FPS. This prevents the loading screens from jumping to 1,000+ FPS. My settings though are based on a Radeon 7950 3GB and a Core i7 860 running at 3.8GHz (stock is 2.8GHz). My rig can run Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, and BioShock Infinite at the best settings the games have to offer at 1920X1200.