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So, just another quick update from me, my ships thus far:

U.S.S. Da Vinci- Miranda class
I chose this name because I wanted a ship name that was fitting for an Engineer character. In the end, I went for Da Vinci, because what name was more fitting than that of one of the wackiest inventors in human history?

U.S.S. Hadrian- Excalibur class
I knew that I wanted to give my Cruiser a classical-sounding name while still carrying on the theme of Enginer-related names. In the end, I settled on the Hadrian, named after the Roman Emperor who had built Hadrian's Wall in Great Britain. I figured that the name was appropriate, as Starfleet is, in many ways, a bulwark against hostile enemy races just as Hadrian's Wall was a barrier against the Picts.

U.S.S. Babylon- Dakota/Stargazer hybrid class class
Initially, I had named my heavy cruiser the Calatrava, after contemporary bridge engineer Santiago Calatrava. However, in the end, I switched its name to the Babylon for a number of reasons-- firstly, because the name sounds cool, and secondly...well, just look at my user name. It helps that the aft "loop" of the Dakota class kind of reminds me of the White Star.

U.S.S. Aurelius- Galaxy class
I felt that a ship as large and majestic as a Galaxy-class deserved a good classical/historic name, so I went with Aurelius after Marcus Aurelius, a late Roman Emperor who is widely remembered as a philanthropist and philosopher.

U.S.S. St. Lawrence- Danube class Runabout
Given that Danube Runabouts tend to be named after rivers, I named mine the St. Lawrence, for no other reason than the fact that I'm Canadian.

KDF Ships:

I.K.S. Notqa- Norgh class Bird of Prey.
I came up with this name after perusing an English/Klingon dictionary online. It literally means "black bird," which seemed to me a name both innocuous and sinsiter-- just like the Bird of Prey itself.

Incidentally, seeing as I'm almost at level 40, and am definitely going for a Sovereign-class when I level up, I've been thinking in advance of some ship names for it. The finalists are:

-Pericles- named for the military leader of Athens during the Peloponnesian Wars...which I guess is ironically appropriate, if you analogize the Federation and Klingons as Athens and Sparta.

-Trafalgar- named after the famous naval battle between the British and French and Spanish during the Napoleonic War.

-Avicenna- named after the medieval Persian doctor and philosopher who is regarded as one of the founders of modern medicine. Admittedly, this might be a better name for a science vessel...

-Kon-Tiki- named after the famous raft used by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl.

-Hadfield- named after Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, the current commander of the International Space Station. Just because.

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