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04-02-2013, 04:26 PM
We need Warp Cores added to the Reputaion stores (IE there shpould be an Omega or M.A.C.O. - or something along these lines that we can get to replace what the Omega and M.A.C.O. Impulse Engines used to do for us (Warp Speed wise.) The Romulan Rep store should get Sigularity Cores for use in the new/upcoming Romulan ships as well.

And this may sound like 'begging'; but I also think existing VA characters should at least get a free MkXI Blue (Rare) warp core - because come on, if these had been in the game from day one (Like MANY of us reqiested WAY BACK in 2009 closed beta) - we'd all have at least that, or something better by now.

[If you don't want to do this outright - maybe make the Tribble Test weekend reward a Warp Core instead of another Tribble, or in ADDITION to the Tholian Tribble. ]
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