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They look nothing like Mass Effect costumes. The old ST uniforms, while sleek, were... a bit silly, because they're not really utilitarian. The Antares and Sierra uniforms look like proper uniforms meant to get dirty, to keep you warm and relatively safe, etc.

The Antares uniforms that have the hexagons looks a lot like it's made of the same material current soccer shirts are made of, a really tough, highly resistant material. The Sierra uniforms seem to be made of some sort of leather synthetic. They look simple and utilitarian to me, not to mention elegant.

Please don't be such a hardcore grognard. The old Trek uniforms were somewhat pretty, but rather stupid. Starship engineers who are exposed to things like hot plasma etc don't wear protective clothes just because STarfleet makes them look good in their standard non-protective uniforms.
If you go and look up the current uniforms of the U.S. Navy's engineers, you will see that they wear simple cloth coveralls, with a t-shirt underneath, and black oil-resistant combat boots. The Navy's engineers in real life work with dangerous materials, hot oils, steam so highly pressurized it can cut you in half, fast moving parts of engines, etc. And yet an engineer's coveralls are made of a slightly thick cloth, and nothing more. In fact, the standard working uniform of all sailors on board today's ships are the NWU (cloth) camouflaged fatigues, or the blue (cloth) coveralls, with the same black boots. I guarantee you the working environment on today's Navy ships is far more hazardous than the clean, ergonomic, spacious interiors of Star Trek's starships. If the sailors in real life can make it wearing just cloth, so can the ones in Star Trek.