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04-02-2013, 06:18 PM
I am happy about the warp core ideas. However when they appear as drops, this brings up a point. certain equipment drops could use additional thought:

i could see ship equipment drops require tractoring or stablizing before transport. and/or require repairs before equipped into your ship.

in canon, transporting a warp core from a destroyed ship would be approached very carefully. and the chance for it to fail would obviously increase if it is moved and certainly installed without being repaired or stablized. this could add another element to gameplay and perhaps give a use to crafting sites. (damaged equipment drops)
-could do this with other equipment too

if you have enemy ships around... tractor or approach unstable cores at your risk... if they fire at them, they could detonate. on the flip side.. if you fire at it, you could use it as a mine against enemies.